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Simplify the way you pay

Today’s workforce is rapidly evolving. The gig economy is changing the way people get paid. SimplyPaid is an easy and innovative all-in-one payment solution that lets you offer your workforce and customers more ways to get paid‑how they like, and when they like. It’s SimplyPaid.


The strength and technology to power your payout solutions.

FinTech innovator, Green Dot Corporation, along with its wholly owned subsidiary bank, Green Dot Bank, provides SimplyPaid the size, scale and unique ability to further enhance payment efficiencies where other financial institutions simply can’t. SimplyPaid powered by Green Dot Bank, brings reliability and experience to every aspect of your payouts making things faster and more affordable, to simplify the way you pay.

Since March 2016, Uber has used Instant Pay, powered by the SimplyPaid platform, to make on-demand payouts to driver partners in the U.S.

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A better way to pay your workforce, customers, vendors, and claims.

More choices. Faster payouts. Any industry.

employers payment platform - simplypaid


Achieve 100% paperless payroll, effortlessly saving time and money. Plus, no-hassle term pay, tip sharing, and daily wage advances can now be paid digitally and instantly through a single portal.

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Gig economy

Attract and retain top freelancers and 1099 contractors. Instantly deliver pay as it’s earned and keep your workforce motivated like Uber® did with Instant Pay for driver partners.

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Pay claims faster than ever before with real-time payouts and digital disbursements. With full tracking capabilities at your fingertips, you’ll easily be able to see the status of each claim.

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Win new customers and generate new opportunities for additional revenue by offering a variety of payout options from instant, on-demand payouts to funding loans on a card.

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Legal settlements

Looking to get better opt-in rates for your settlements and remove paper checks? Digital and card-based deliveries could help reduce fraud, increase visibility, and get more people opted in.

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Keep your partners happy and explore new opportunities to generate revenue with instant payouts from SimplyPaid.

Pick how you pay.

Anyone. Anywhere*. Any way.

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*in the U.S.

Integrate your way.

Easily sync up with the do-it-yourself SimplyPaid API or let us take care of everything for you with SimplyPaid Hosted.

SimplyPaid API

Just plug and pay.

Stay in control of the user experience while offering a variety of innovative payout options to your workforce or customers. With SimplyPaid API, a one-time rapid integration with our REST-based API allows you to easily embed the payout options you want on your website or mobile app.

SimplyPaid Hosted

No IT team? No problem.

Need a real-time solution that doesn’t require a ton of IT resources? SimplyPaid Hosted equips organizations with a turnkey solution of robust managerial tools and the ability to customize the experience for your visitors. Take care of all your payout needs with minimal set up and experience a better way to pay today.

Ready for a better way to pay?