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Go digital: Attract top talent + lower absenteeism & admin costs.

Experience that matters: Over 3,000 employers offer the rapid! payroll card service as a paperless pay solution for their team. We are experts at helping employers Go Digital. Now with Simply Paid you can take the day out of payday with SimplyPaid’s easy to integrate, turnkey solutions for employers. Gain a competitive advantage and take your payouts to the next level:

  • Daily wage advance solution that’s compliant nationwide.
  • Restaurant employers instant tip payout capability for ALL BANK ACCOUNTS
  • Digital termination pay solution eliminates the hassle of cutting a check.
  • 59% of employers do not have a paycard program to reduce checks and minimize expense.
  • 27% of employers pay some or all employees more frequently than every two weeks.
  • Over 3,000 employers offer the rapid! payroll card service as a paperless pay solution for their team.
simplypaid payout platform for employers

Employers Case Study


Nearly Famous, Inc.


Nearly Famous, Inc., a BURGER KING® restaurant franchise located in the southeast U.S., has been in business for 20 years and was looking for a way to cut costs, provide their staff with better pay options, and eliminate payday headaches and hassles.


  • Achieved 100% e-pay enrollment for ALL new and existing employees in just 3 months.
  • Completely eliminated slow and costly paper checks at ALL locations (3,000+ checks annually).
  • Saved management hundreds of hours previously spent on payroll distribution.
  • Eliminated payday confusion and inconvenience; ultimately returning focus to serving customers.
  • Provided unbanked employees with a significant financial benefit.
simplypaid payout platform for gig economy

Gig economy

Attract top talent and motivate them to work harder.

When it comes to gig work, your ability to assemble the best team possible and get quality work out of them is contingent upon your ability to provide compelling benefits. With more and more gig work becoming readily available, those hiring 1099 contractors are now turning to their pay platform as a new way to differentiate from other employers and bring value to their workforce. SimplyPaid’s ecosystem offers everything you could possibly need in a pay solution including the ability to open a GoBank checking account directly from the platform or receiving pay instantly on any debit card issued by any bank.

  • 27% of the US workforce engages primarily or secondarily in gig-style work.¹
  • 81% of gig workers say they’d do more gig work if they were paid faster.²
¹Independent Work: Choice, Necessity, and the Gig Economy,” McKinsey Global Institute, October 2016
²Gig Economy Index, PYMNTS.com, February 2017

Gig Economy Case Study




Since March 2016, Uber has used Instant Pay, powered by the SimplyPaid platform, to make on-demand payouts to driver partners in the U.S.


  • Cashed out $1.3 billion to Uber driver partners.
  • Over 30 million Instant Pay transactions have been processed.
  • Uber driver partners love the service with about 80% being extremely satisfied.
  • Driver partners that use Instant Pay are far more engaged and loyal.
  • Crucial in the recruitment of new driver partners.

Insurance disbursements

Pay claimants in less time than it took to file the claim.

Ditch the slow and costly world of paper checks and move to a more modern, on-demand payout process with SimplyPaid. With convenient features like payment tracking available, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on with each individual claim. Additionally, our range of payout options help lower the amount of fraudulent checks received and offers flexibility that’s sure to increase overall customer satisfaction

simplypaid payout platform for insurance claims payments
simplypaid payout platform for loans funding

Loan disbursements

Attract new borrowers with our streamlined lending process.

When it comes to lending, time is money. Borrowers expect their funds ASAP and the timeliness of your payouts directly impact customer satisfaction. Keep your customers happy and coming back for more by offering a range of payout options from instant, on-demand payouts to funding loans on a card. With SimplyPaid, not only can you shorten the loan cycle, you can even explore new revenue generating opportunities thanks to our vast range of payout options.

Legal settlements

Go digital and streamline your settlements.

Legal settlements often require a certain level of organization and attention to detail to keep things moving. Let SimplyPaid streamline your settlement process with our robust pay platform complete with a range of immediate payout options and full tracking capabilities. Improve settlement rates and reduce fraud by moving away from slow and costly checks to offering more instant and on-demand payout options. Track claims from start to finish with features to help take care of the administrative work for you—like presenting any necessary disclosures up front. With SimplyPaid, it’s easy to pinpoint exactly where in the settlement process a claim is or if the claim has already been satisfied.

simplypaid payout platform for legal settlements payments
simplypaid payout platform for marketplaces

Marketplaces and B2B services

Happier sellers have speedier payouts.

No matter the marketplace, we make it easy for sellers of all types to get paid ASAP. SimplyPaid levels the playing field allowing smaller businesses to scale their payout offerings and compete with much larger and more established organizations. When sellers are paid ASAP, they’re not only more willing to stick with your marketplace, they’re genuinely happier and more willing to put in the extra effort to close each and every single sale.

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