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Make pay your best benefit yet.

SimplyPaid transforms your pay process by replacing slow and costly traditional pay methods with affordable instant digital pay options. Motivate your workforce and delight customers with faster access to funds and a real choice of payout options.


SimplyPaid, powered by Green Dot Bank, streamlines payouts for the nation’s leading companies

Over 70 million payouts to bank accounts, prepaid debit cards, ACH and cash pickup.

Over $10 billion dollars posted to accounts.

Powerful payout options at your fingertips.

With SimplyPaid, payouts happen when you want, how you want. No matter who you’re paying or how frequently, our seamless solution puts the control in your hands.

Bring cutting edge pay features to your business.

  • Digital payments are faster, cheaper, and becoming a part of everyday life.
  • Customers increasingly expect and demand instant access to funds.
  • Increased government demand for real-time payments.

Enjoy plenty of options from just one platform.

  • On-demand set up of a new bank account or reloadable debit card
  • Instant payout to existing bank accounts
  • Instant payout to existing reloadable debit cards
  • Instant payout to online wallets
  • Cash pickup at a local Walmart®
  • Standard or same day ACH
  • Paper check

The Financial Strength to Power Innovation.

  • Green Dot Corporation, along with its wholly owned subsidiary bank, Green Dot Bank, provides SimplyPaid the size, scale and unique ability to allow us to further enhance efficiencies where other financial institutions simply can’t.

Flexibility to “fund as you go."

  • Unlike other services, there’s no need to prefund more than your payout needs.
  • Fund your account with as much or as little as you need—it’s your money!

Ready for a better way to pay?